Nautical courses

Navigation license in Empuriabrava

Navigation licence

The navigation licence, formerly known as the “Titulin”, allows boats of up to 6 meters in length and all types of jet skis to be transported without any power limitation. The distance allowed to navigate is a maximum of 2 miles from a port or a sheltered area, during the day.
To obtain this qualification, you must complete 4 hours of practical navigation and follow the theoretical training courses.



The “Licencia de Navegación” is the most basic official qualification. It allows you to navigate boats with the following characteristics:

What can I do with my boating licence?

With your small boat and jet ski licence, you can:

– Navigate boats up to 6 meters in length.
– Driving jet skis.
– Sail boats up to 6 meters in length.
– The engine power is unlimited.
– Sailing for the day.
– Sail up to 2 miles from the harbour, marina or a place where the boat can be easily sheltered and its occupants can disembark.
– The licence does not expire, in case of loss or damage, simply request a duplicate from the school.

Structure of the course

In order to obtain the navigation licence, the student must take the following courses

– 2 hours of theoretical class (without exam).
– 4 hours of practice with an instructor on an approved boat.

At the end of these sessions, the school will issue the official licence and give it to the student. The student must provide a medical certificate of fitness for navigation to obtain the licence.
The practical sessions of the navigation license courses take place in Empuriabrava.

The navigation practices will be carried out with our approved boat.

In this navigation course you will learn:

– The basic notions of navigation.
– Preferences of passage between boats.
– Interpreting the maritime beacons.
– How to tie essential knots.
– Collision avoidance rules.
– How to moor and unmoor.
– Choosing a good place to anchor.
– Basic radio communication.
– How to act in case of emergency.

Nautical medical certificate

The nautical medical certificate is a prerequisite for the issuance of a sailing licence.
Just as a medical examination is required to obtain a driving licence, the same applies to boating qualifications. This is an assessment of the patient to determine if they have any limitations that would prevent them from using a recreational boat. You will need this to apply for your licence.
To obtain it, you must go to a driving test center, where the certificate for the driving licence is made.

Do you want to exchange your “Titulín” for a navigation licence?

All you have to do is complete the 4 hours of practical training, bring your certificate and the medical certificate.



This includes:

– 2 hours of theoretical lessons

– 4 hours of practical navigation lessons

– Training material

– Processing of documentation

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